Reasons to keep the CEFC

Building Big Solar is the smartest most cost efficient way to spend the $10billion allocated from the carbon tax to fund the already profitable Clean Energy Finance Corporation loans scheme, as overall energy costs will be massively reduced for everyone. Let the Government know, “Now is the best time to build Solar Thermal power stations, not starting from 2030″ & “We don’t need to go down the path of using Coal Seam Gas as a transitional energy source, because as it turns out Solar Thermal is working already overseas & is much cheaper”. “When you compare the ‘like for like’ costs of  the power stations life cycle, Big Solar Thermal power is way cheaper than any fossil fuel powered station”. solar energy, MedGrid, Desertec, Dii, Algeria, Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea, energy, alternative energy, energy future

In just six hours, the deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind produces in a year, and Desertec is harnessing it, for good reason.   Check out this short Video as it shows you how Solar Thermal works.

Recently hundreds of people gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland making the same kind of noises about the security of our future as the suits at COP 17, mostly aimless.   In the meantime insightful people are doing real work to confront the day-to-day challenges of climate change and energy poverty, including the folks at Desertec. One of the most progressive organizations of our time founded in 2009, the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) is turning the Middle East and North African region into a serious solar powerhouse.

Tunisia Announces 4th Desertec Deal, 2GW Solar Thermal Power Plant :-) solar energy, MedGrid, Desertec, Dii, Algeria, Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea, energy, alternative energy, energy future The 4th Desertec deal is also the most ambitious: Tunisia has recently announced that it will build the largest-ever solar plant in the world – for  2,000 MW of solar power. This project is six times the size of the largest solar CSP project ever built .  The huge 2 GW TuNur Concentrating Solar-thermal Power (CSP) plant from the Mediterranean solar developer – and founding member of MedGrid – Nur Energie will produce solar power in the hot Tunisian sun using heliostats – mirrors mounted on steel poles reflecting sun into a receiver – and store some of the heat in molten salts, to use for further delivery of electric power by night.”

Desertec is a $500 billion solar project to catch Middle East and Africa sun to power it’s self & Europe. We don’t need to spend that much but surely now is the time we started with the $10 billion, from the carbon tax set aside for renewable energy infrastructure. Solar Thermal is the power source we deserve for the 21st century & beyond. There is no need for ‘transitional’ Coal Seam Gas as the smart money is proving overseas.

As you get more informed please share before the ‘fracking’ fossil fuelers (CSG) hijack our best chances for cheaper energy costs now & into the future.

Tunisia Announces 4th Desertec Deal and 2 GW of Solar!

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Abu Dhabi’s Torresol $5 Billion Solar Plans Include US

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