Polling Form

Here is a copy of our polling format. (though missing vertical lines in tally page)

1.) “Hi, I am part of a national poll & I’m polling local residents about Solar Thermal power.   Have you a moment to take part?”

2.) “What is your postcode?” Write it into the comments box.

3.) Ask the first question, “Do you know about Solar Thermal power?”   Tick relevant box.    Depending on their answer give a brief description &/or show flyer about how successful Big Solar is overseas.

4.) Ask the second question. “Do you think we should build them in here in Australia?”  Tick relevant box.

5.) “Last year the Government set aside $10billion from the carbon tax to invest in renewable energy resource in infrastructure.”

6.) Ask the third question. “Do you support the Government funding Big Solar?” Tick relevant box.

7.) “Our local MP has said (XYZ) about Solar Thermal, what would you like to say to him/her about building ol Solar Thermal power stations?”Write this down in the comments box next to postcode.

8.) “To legitimise this poll, can you write down your email address?” Then ask if they would like to be in forwarded formation about MP’s response, asterix this if they want response.

9.) Give them the flyer & encourage them to go to bigsolar.me site for bite size pieces of info about solar thermal, but also with plenty of links if they want more detail.


Name of Volunteer                                                   Date/Session Location

Yes No Don’t Know Not Sure/A little Totals
1. Do you know aboutSolarThermal Power ?
2. Do you think we should build them here in Australia?
Depends on Cost
3. Do you supportGovt. funding for Big Solar?
 Comments to pass onto MP;



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