Martin Ferguson is ill-informed.

In Martin Ferguson’s ill-informed address to the Strategic Advisory Forum Clean Energy Council he says “The result is that the industry is confronted with a ‘Catch 22′ – companies are reluctant to invest in clean energy until it is technically and commercially proven, and yet it cannot be proven until investors are willing to take the risk to invest.”

Where as this is patently untrue, the reason investment is slow is the fossil fuel lobbyists look to be getting the $10billion from the carbon tax that is to go into renewable energy infrastructure.

The Government’s “Draft White Paper” on future energy supply & use to 2030 & 2050 is all about how we have to spend the money on Coal Seem Gas as a transitional source of power supply, suggesting solar thermal is not proven nor to go online till 2030 & even then only supplying 3% of our needs.

This is a poorly informed choice, it seems our politicians don’t know what is going on in the rest of the world. Check these links that show Desertec is investing $500billion right now building solar thermal in North Africa to power Europe & Nth Africa.

Seeing as so many different Governments & private enterprises can get it together to build a Solar Thermal energy source on one continent to power another continent, surely we can do it here.

After all we have the space, the sunshine & the money (we are the 5th richest per capita, 14th by gross out of 196 countries), all we need is the impetus & that means regular voters like us need to tell their local State & Federal MPs that we want Solar Thermal power.

At the moment our politicians seemed to be misinformed & bullied (or bribe persuaded) by the fossil fuel lobbyists, first saying Solar Thermal doesn’t exist & now saying Solar Thermal is unproven, both wrong as you have seen from the blue word links on this page.

Some argue that Solar Thermal is expensive but if you compare like for like, over the life time of a Solar Thermal power station with the life time of any Fossil Fuel power station, the costs of Solar Thermal is cheaper by half, & that is not taking into account expected price rises as fossil fuel runs out.

Write to the politicians & give them the information & links you find here on this website. Starting with the Federal Minister for Resources &  Energy – Martin Ferguson.

Here you will find the full list of address for MPs & Senators under Home Pages, Alphabetical.

Also from Chris Hartcher the NSW Energy Minister

Read his media release calling for the Renewable Energy Target (RET) to be abolished.

If you have a moment please write to him explaining your thoughts on why this is just too short-sighted to be forgiven, using some facts, plenty of which you will find on this website.

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