Malcolm receives 12,000 Voices Report

Monday 28-5-2012 was a great day at Canberra Parliament House as 30 polling volunteers from electorates across the country were able to meet with 50 Parliamentarians &/or their advisors to present our findings on your thoughts & the high levels of support regarding Solar Thermal power stations with the 12,000 Voices Report.

Devoting most of our Saturday mornings from mid March to mid May polling locals in the Wentworth electorate has been most enlightening & rewarding. We all love discovering new information especially when it can be explained in a few words. I think I became quite addicted to polling in my electorate, as almost everyone got really excited at the prospect of this new clean energy technology & I got to share in the joy & glow we all get when experiencing an exciting new discovery.

At 11am Monday 28-5-2012 Ian Rose (LBBS-W) & Dean Bridgfoot (100% Renewable) met with The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull in his Canberra Parliamentary offices.

Malcolm was genuinely pleased to receive our polling results showing 94% desire Solar Thermal power stations with 95% wanting Government assistance to build them & not at all surprised by the extremely high numbers in favour. I have been continually surprised at our findings while doing the polling, as so much of the mainstream media is always saying there are so many in our society that don’t feel the need to address clean energy options. I really don’t know how that sort of misinformation can be printed as fact. Here is how we asked the questions for our poll.

While getting such high rates of encouragement & desire for Solar Thermal from polling at the Bondi Beach Farmers Markets I thought I must be getting a biased point of view. So we did a couple of Saturdays, door-knocking random streets in Paddington & Woollarha getting the same results & with 100% support polled at Bondi Junction Mall on a weekday lunch time. As you can see from the national poll results, the consensus is in, when you do a direct question poll without any leading or biased misinformation you get these results.

We left Malcolm with a copy of the 250 comments collected from some of those polled from the Wentworth electorate encouraging him to Build Big Solar.

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