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Let’s build Big Solar- Wentworth is part of a National Campaign “Let’s Build Big Solar”, taking place all across Australia. To create awareness of the cost cutting benefits for everyone, with this great new technology, Solar Thermal Power is the energy source for today’s & tomorrow’s increasing electricity demands.

Our Launch at Bondi Beach saturday the 10-3-12 was a great success with most of those polled wanting the Government to  build Solar Thermal power stations today, to satisfy our electricity needs into the future.      Photos on Launch PageCropped group.jpg

Many developed & developing Countries around the World are investing in Solar Thermal power stations for their electricity needs.

The Desertec vision is barreling into realization! A clean energy future where the world’s deserts supply huge amounts of solar energy to the whole of humankind is truly becoming reality. Now the fourth Desertec project, by far the largest-ever solar plant in the world – for  2,000 MW of solar power – is to be built in Tunisia. The plant will produce twice the amount of power of an average nuclear power plant. more…

As we are the World’s 14th richest (5th per capita) Nation of 196 Nations, there is no way anyone can really justify why we can not afford to do what will be creating massive savings in our future energy costs, & that is building Big Solar.

We are adding videos & new information to this site all the time, so please visit often to see new updates & additions :-)


10 thoughts on “Our Launch

    • Electricity can be transferred using the existing technology however High Voltage Direct Current systems offer some advantages. The distribution systems developed could also be leveraged by multiple renewable energy generators.

      Solar thermal power stations use the heat collected by mirrors to generate molten salt. This very salt hot transports the heat to large storage containers. This molten hot salt is then passed through traditional steam turbines to generate electricity. As a result the molten salt can continue to be tapped for energy well after the sun has set – that is at night.

  1. Martin,

    It seems you would probably like your question to be unanswerable. But note the following:

    a) Electricity is transported along copper wires – that works outside of cities as well.

    b) Solar plants do not have to be built 1000km from Sydney, marginal lands much closer are available. Just a few hundred kilometres is okay.

    c) The middle of the night is not a problem because electrons do not object to night work.

    d) Power demands in the middle of the night is very low.

    e) Early part of the night good use can be made of molten salts energy storage capacity (10 – 20 hours worth depending on what is installed).

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