Global Info.

1. The South African government has set a goal to have 10,000 gigawatt hours of capacity from renewable resources by 2013. If a developing country can have such a commitment,Solar Thermal Company eSolar Expands In Africa Photo: Nichola Groom

there is no reason why we can’t exceed such expectations, more..

2. Solar thermal power plants in North Africa could economically supply half of Europe’s electricity. The Algerians note that they have enough harnessable solar energy in their desert to power the world economy. (No, this is not an error.)  The soaring investment in wind, solar, and geothermal energy is being driven by the exciting realisation that these renewables can last as long as the earth itself. In contrast to investing in new oil fields where well yields begin to decline in a matter of decades, or in coal mines where the seams run out, these new energy sources can last forever. more…africa solar

3. Some background on Solar Technology.  “In March 1958 the fledgling technology for making electricity from sunlight was embedded in a grapefruit-sized satellite that U.S. engineers flung into orbit as part of America’s rapid response to the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik. Sunlight was to power the satellite’s transmitter” more…

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