Big Solar Reaches Major Milestone


Large-scale solar reached a major milestone today with the first panels being placed on Australia’s largest solar power station.

The 10 megawatt First Solar Greenough River Solar Farm being built 50 kilometres south of Geraldton, Western Australia, will create around 100 local construction jobs.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society, John Grimes, said today: “The Greenough River Solar Farm is a groundbreaking project, a window into Australia’s solar future.”

“Big Solar makes sense in the Mid West. The region’s enormous appetite for energy is matched by some of the best sunshine in the world. Solar increasingly makes economic sense in the Mid West, with a dramatic fall in the price of solar PV countering a significant rise in the cost of electricity.”

“The Greenough River Solar Farm will be the first of many Big Solar plants in the Mid West of WA.”

“Project partners First Solar, Verve Energy and GE Energy Financial Services, should be congratulated for opening the door to Australia’s solar future. The Western Australian Government should be commended for its commitment of $20 million to this important infrastructure project.”

“Big Solar has a very bright future in Australia. Submissions have just closed for the ACT solar auction, which will deliver 40 megawatts of large-scale solar in the first stage and 210 megawatts in total over coming years.”

“The combination of a price on carbon pollution, the 20% renewable energy target and the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation should help deliver more than 5 gigawatts (5,000 megawatts) of large-scale solar photovoltaics and 2 gigawatts (2,000 megawatts) of large-scale solar thermal by 2020, on top of many gigawatts of residential and commercial solar.”

“With the price of solar falling rapidly, there’s no reason why solar couldn’t provide a significant amount of Australia’s electricity needs by 2020.”

For more including  Attacks on Renewable Energy Target  see the original article from John Grimes  Chief Executive AuSES

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