Monday 28-5-2012 was a great day at Canberra Parliament House as 30 polling volunteers from electorates across the country were able to meet with 50 Parliamentarians &/or their advisors to present our findings on your thoughts & the high levels of support regarding Solar Thermal power stations with the 12,000 Voices Report.

Devoting most of our Saturday mornings from mid March to mid May polling locals in the Wentworth electorate has been most enlightening & rewarding. We all love discovering new information especially when it can be explained in a few words. I think I became quite addicted to polling in my electorate, as almost everyone got really excited at the prospect of this new clean energy technology & I got to share in the joy & glow we all get when experiencing an exciting new discovery.

At 11am Monday 28-5-2012 Ian Rose (LBBS-W) & Dean Bridgfoot (100% Renewable) met with The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull in his Canberra Parliamentary offices.

Malcolm was genuinely pleased to receive our polling results showing 94% desire Solar Thermal power stations with 95% wanting Government assistance to build them & not at all surprised by the extremely high numbers in favour.

I have been continually surprised at our findings while doing the polling, as so much of the mainstream media is always saying there are so many in our society that don’t feel the need to address clean energy options. I really don’t know how that sort of misinformation can be printed as fact. Here is how we asked the questions for our poll.

While getting such high rates of encouragement & desire for Solar Thermal from polling at the Bondi Beach Farmers Markets I thought I must be getting a biased point of view. So we did a couple of Saturdays, door-knocking random streets in Paddington & Woollarha getting the same results & with 100% support polled at Bondi Junction Mall on a weekday lunch time. As you can see from the national poll results, the consensus is in, when you do a direct question poll without any leading or biased misinformation you get these results.

We left Malcolm with a copy of the 250 comments collected from some of those polled from the Wentworth electorate encouraging him to Build Big Solar.

“Let’s build Big Solar- Wentworth” is part of a National Campaign “Let’s Build Big Solar”, taking place all across Australia. To create awareness of the cost cutting benefits for everyone, with this great new technology, Solar Thermal Power is the energy source for today’s & tomorrow’s increasing electricity demands.

We will frequently update this site with new information & news about Solar Thermal power, so bookmark this website & you will always be able to keep up to date :-)

We imagine you will enjoy checking out the other pages on this site, as there is nothing like the thrill of finding out about great new possibilities & this site is full of facts.

Our Launch at Bondi Beach saturday the 10-3-12 was a great success with most of those polled wanting the Government to  build Solar Thermal power stations today, to satisfy our electricity needs into the future.      Photos on Launch PageCropped group.jpg

Many developed & developing Countries around the World are investing in Solar Thermal power stations for their electricity needs.

‘The Desertec vision is barreling into realization! A clean energy future where the world’s deserts supply huge amounts of solar energy to the whole of humankind is truly becoming reality. Now the fourth Desertec project, by far the largest-ever solar plant in the world – for  2,000 MW of solar power – is to be built in Tunisia. The plant will produce twice the amount of power of an average nuclear power plant’. Susan Kraemer  more…

North Africa & Western Europe have just signed a $500 billion deal to build Solar Thermal to power both countries, so it’s time we considered the technology to be proven, seeing as so many other Governments & Corporations do,check this & this.

Australia is the World’s 14th richest (5th per capita) Nation of 196 Nations, there is no way anyone can really justify why we can not afford to do what will be creating massive savings in our future energy costs, & that is building Big Solar.


We are adding videos & new information to this site all the time, so visit often to see new updates & additions :-) Please tweet/like as often as you can, let’s make this information about Solar Thermal power go viral, everyone deserves knowledge of the facts.

NB bigsolar.me is not a promotional site for any Business, Company or Political Party. The links are for information purposes only, to create awareness of the pros & cons of Big Solar Thermal power.



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  1. We are heading out doorknocking on saturday to listen to the residents of Paddington! join us, for more info call moira 0420 504 411

  2. I would like to join your campaign ,I live in Wentworth and am very concerned regarding Australia,s lack of action to address global warming . I have recently installed solar panels and they are brilliant ,we are saving so much money on energy bills as well as doing our bit to help stop climate change .
    Green greetings
    from Karin Olah

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